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Choose Jimmy Choo's: How to clean your Jimmy Choo Shoes

Some say it’s not about the shoe, but what you do in them.

Although our shoes protect our feet from the ground, they also deserve love and care. Treating our shoes with attention allows us to always put our best foot forward, which is why proper maintenance is a necessity. Cleaning shoes shouldn’t be too difficult, but it’s important to keep in mind the materials they are made of before beginning. Shoes are composed of different materials, whether it be leather, suede, canvas, or a combination of the three. Here at Meurice we understand the subtle differences and take every effort to treat your shoes with the precision and care that they demand. One such shoe brand that needs to be treated with utmost care is Jimmy Choo, a staple in the world of luxury, which has emulated the evolving urban and cosmopolitan nature of fashion since 1966. 

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Jimmy Choo’s heels can at times be crafted using more than one leather. For example the classic heel may have different types of leather on the sole and the outside of the shoe, as a result, each area of the shoe needs to be treated with distinct care. Prior to wearing your leather Jimmy Choo’s a regular polish treatment is recommended to form a barrier against stains. In order to properly apply, start by wiping the shoe of excess dust with a clean rag and then apply a generous amount of shoe polish with a horsehair brush. If your shoes already have more severe blemishing, however, the process for treating them is a bit intricate. Begin by saturating a dry cloth with a combination of lemon juice and water and wipe the blemished leather. Next, let the shoes sit in the sun for several hours before finally buffing away any remaining blemishes with nail polish remover. Yes, the process of cleaning leather shoes is fairly time consuming, but we know your leather shoes are an investment that deserve the best in care.

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Some of our favorite Jimmy Choo heels and boots include suede, fashionable but also incredibly scuff-prone. Suede can sometimes be a struggle to keep clean, but it gives a certain look that simply cannot be matched. Quick action is imperative when personally correcting scuffs, and something as simple as a suede brush is sure to do the trick! It is the most efficient for a quick clean on the go. Simply take the suede brush and sweep the scuff in one direction, making sure not to dig into the shoe. By addressing scuffs early, you can prevent them from turning into deep and hard to clean marks. For more serious stuff, bring them to the pros, but these are two easy steps are great basic maintenance for clean suede shoes. Shoe care is absolutely necessary in order to increase your shoes longevity while maintaining their appearance. For little imperfections these tips can help, however, when it comes to the serious scuffs, scratches, dents, and dings, trust the professionals at Meurice Garment Care.

Lynn Luong