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Galerie Meurice: Art Meets Dry Cleaning

The Best of New York

The Best of New York

Recently, New York art galleries such as Castle Fitzjohns and Dacia snuck past New York’s Fashion Week with its fine art. But, dry The work of art of luxury dry cleaning involves pristine technique which is what makes Meurice Garment Care Manhattan’s finest masterpiece. It only made sense to bring dry cleaning and art together as we partner with George Haddad for Galerie Meurice aka Mark Hartman Meurice Gallery featuring Mark Hartman. This new sense of flare will showcase the amazing artwork that Haddad has proved invaluable in a place where we, too, feel the same about every piece that comes through our doors.  

Haddad, also known as “Cousin George,” has a vision to show his art in bold, new ways, which is why he has partnered with several different artists such as Mark Hartman. A collector for 20 years, Haddad has collected arts from the likes of Andy Warhol, Jorge Pardo and many more also to be shown at the Mark Hartman Meurice Gallery at Meurice Garment Care on University Place. George is also a singer/songwriter who performed internationally from London to LA, Amsterdam to Beirut, and beyond.

The artist featured at Galerie Meurice is Mark Hartman who is a photographer and director based in Brooklyn, NY. Mark Hartman’s most recent projects of Panama, and Islands involves the photography of people and their different reactions through the photos. Mark Hartman envisions a different kind of community that he recreates through some of his artwork. His photography instills a story within each picture itself by allowing the viewer to go through a schematic of pictures, visualizing the story being told. The Mark Hartman New York Gallery in New York City is the most recent pop-up in the latest of galleries, such as the Aicon Gallery and the Dacia Gallery that has opened recently as well.

The Galerie Meurice artwork showcase will be the early days of New York City which exhibits the simple and passionate vision that this city and Meurice Garment Care is made off of. This complements the history of Meurice dating back to its opening back in 1961. Please join us as we welcome George Haddad, Mark Hartman, and our Meurice family to experience where art meets dry cleaning. Galerie Meurice is also one of the newest art galleries to open up in the New York with its debut on September 28th at 6PM at Meurice Garment Care’s 31 University Place, New York, NY.

Lynn Luong