50 years later, still the best hand job in town
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We are humbled by those who have felt our unwavering passion and dedication. It is such a pleasure to be able to share our art. Thank you to those who have taken part in our journey and helped us spread the joy.


KATY Perry

Restoring Katy Perry's Hand-Painted Dress for the #VSFashionShow



Dry cleaning Mariah Carey’s Michael Ngo encrusted purple parka for her Caution World Tour


The papers


“Mercedes, the tailor at Meurice, hates to say no. A bride recently brought in her great-grandmother’s wedding dress, and Mercedes was able to restore the bodice, duplicate the beading, and re-create the rest of the garment. As for that rip in your suede jacket-when you get it back, you won’t be able to find the repaired spot.”

— new york magazine


“...clients of Meurice Dry Cleaners (also in New York) can FedEx their clothes from anywhere in the world so Meurice can clean and FedEx them right back.”

— Time magazine


“Keep clothes at a climate-controlled storage facility, like Meurice Garment Care of N.Y.C. Ask that your clothes be cleaned before storage, not on delivery. Another winner.”

— Instyle



“There’s always some cheap, stain-challenged wretch at a cocktail party who, upon learning that Wayne Edelman is a dry cleaner, excuses himself from the lawyer or therapist in his clutch and corners the owner of Meurice Garment Care for some advice, gratis.”

— The new york times





“ I can't say enough about Meurice Garment Care. In a city where there are so many dry cleaning services few stand out above the rest. Meurice and the family business has managed to do this. I had some challenging large scale commercial and also some individual high end and dry cleaning issues and once I found Meurice my problems were gone.

Nothing ever comes back that's not top quality and that clearly demonstrates individual attention.”

— Frank O, New York, NY


“ I was quite pleased with the excellent service provided. I was visiting New York and when my garment bag arrived, my Versace tailored suit was dusty, dirty and wrinkled. After having spent some time on the phone with Delta, who offered little consolation, I ventured on down to the closest dry cleaner- Meurice Garment Care, which was lucky, since I needed same-day service.

I was happy to find that they did a wonderful job in restoring my suit. ”

— Pat T., Hong Kong


Updated on August 28th, 2018